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Department of Fine Arts

Year of establishment : 2015
Department of Fine Arts


• Holistic development of students through co-curricular activities.
• National and International Artists visit the department.
• National and International workshop for better experience of students.
• Excellent results every year.
• Eco-friendly activities create understanding of students with nature.
• Outdoor learning session for practical classes.
• Trip to museums or historical place for understanding to different forms of art.
• Participation and achievements in Youth festival to developments of budding artists students

Department of Fine Arts

Programmes Offered


B.A with Fine Arts (As a Elective Subject )
Department of Fine Arts

Teaching Faculty

Department of Fine Arts


Department of Fine Arts


  • Workshop of Water colour with Chinese Artist,19 January 2020

  • Workshop of Garden Sculpture, 2019

  • Celebration of Basant Panchami, 2019

  • Annual Art Exhibition, 2018

  • Celebration of Basant Panchami,2018