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Members of Leadership Committee
Mrs. Satwant Kaur(Assisstant Professor in Deptt. of Education)
Mrs. Sukhwinder Kaur(Assisstant Professor in Deptt. of Punjabi)
Mrs. Surbhi Abrol (Assisstant Professor in Deptt. of Commerce and Management)


A meeting was held on 2nd march,2022 at conference room regarding the upcoming events organised by different committees under SAP. All committee members was attend the meeting on prescribed schedule.

Session 2020-21

1–A meeting conduct with principal Ma’am on 10sep2020 
Thru virtual mode. 
Main points of meeting
1.Chalkout the schedule for coming year plan such activities regarding mark ,preparation, distribution maintain social distancing.
2.A meeting  conduct on 6feb2021
 * Motivate all staff member for vaccination. 
*Aware student how to save environment. 
*Discuss about the tree-plantation after winter season. 
3.A meeting conduct on 17 june 2021.All committee members join the meeting and  discuss regarding next  plans. 
*Discuss about the planning of water conservative. 
*Tree plantation for the safety of environment. 
*Plan regarding save electricity & energy
*plan regarding the best out of waste. 
4.A meeting conduct with SAP committee members. On 6 jan2022
Discussion points
*Aware student regarding 3rd wave of covid. 
All committee members are join the meeting. 
5.Conduct a visit in adopted village and motivate people for environment conservation. 
6.Submit survey report of SAP to Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Education Council &upload relevant photos on the website. 
7.SAP committee conduct a meeting on action taken report during  last session. 
*water conservation
*Rain water harvesting
*install solar system in college campus. 
*Tree plantation in college campus. 
8.A meeting conduct on 18 April2022. 
Celebrate after receiving the prize from Indian Government & also plan for further  activities. 
9.A meeting conduct for organise a lecture of Sant Balvir Singh Sechewal(padmashri) on the topic ‘pehla pani jio hai jit hareaa har koi’
10.Organize a trip of 20 students on 2june 2022. Students visit water treatment plant and learn different step of water treatment.
11.A meeting conduct on 1sep, 2022.All committee members join this meeting. 
*discuss last session’s action taken report and plan for next session. 
12.Organise a one day district level workshop with the help of Mahatma Gandhi national council of Rural education On21st November 2022.Mr.Samarth Sharma is the resource person on the day. Sandeep Hansh is chief Guest in programme
13.Visit adopted village and aware people for water conservation &tree plantation. 
14.Organise a community enrichment programme 12Dec to29 Dec. Under this program College staff visit Area’s school and aware student regarding different subject’s choice & environment. Tree plantation is also a part of campaign. 
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