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Activities by SAP

6th June,2022

#IQAC#IIC#NSS#Education Department#SAP celebrated WORLD ENVIRONMENT WEEK from 1st June to 6th June,2022 on the theme ONLY ONE EARTH by planting trees, distribution of clothes bags in vegetable market, Visited to Water treatment Plant , distributed Paper bags in Canteen, Making Pots by using old Plastic bottles, Hang Bird Feeders in college campus.

28th April,2022

This is to informed you that the NSS departmentorganised a Extension Lecture in collaboration with Physical Education department on the topic of ‘ Water is life on earth’. The resource person of this lecture was Sant Balbir Singh ji Seechewal who gives a motivational lecture to the students that the true wealth of country can be measured on the basis of its Fresh air, water  and environment. He delivered the message that  ‘Wind is our Guru’s, Water is our father and Earth is our mother . He also raised serious concerned about the wastage of water in farming activities and contamination of water by human activities and  industrial waste and quoted that the future generations is being deprived of their fundamental rights to access to clean water. He also planted plants in  campus to promote the  environment awareness.

27-29 October,2021

SAP committee of Dasmesh Girls College,Mukerian has organized 3 Days Acitvity under the theme “Step Up! Conserve Water on Campus”.

23rd September,2021

All the students of the college were assembled and were informed about the aims and objectives of MGNCRE-SAP INTERNATIONAL SIGNAGES DAY. The staff and students were motivated to participate in Swachhata Action Plan and the stress was given on the need of Swachhata and Hygiene. The following issues were discussed in detail—

  1. Need of Sanitation & Hygiene.
  2. Water Conservation and re-use of
  3. Rain Harvesting in the villages & houses.
  4. Management of waste by saving paper and more use of Digital resources.
  5. Greening Policy- students were motivated to plant more

The college celebrated the day by planting trees and maintaining the college campus.

05 June,2021