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Activities by IIC

 21st August,2022

IIC of the College organised one day activity in which students share their views and motivate the audience to elaborate their creative ideas.


 28th June,2022

Report of MIC driven activity on Out of the box thinking for problem solving’
Director IITM Professor E.Kamagotti tells us through his lecture ‘Out of the box thinking for problem solving in mathematics’ that how can we solve a problem with innovative way with implementation of tremendous techniques in daily life. He said if we want any change in society we have to cultivate ourselves differently. With this way, we makes us perfect in all aspects. If we looking successful career,entrepreneurship,we need differently thinking in our life. Out of the box course has four levels. Registration fee for all.He clears his points with 5 problems and advice all how can we solve them with easy way differently.He also tells all entrepreneurs that think out of the box ,understand, make analysis and then solve that problem in different way.


 26th April,2022

IIC organised Extension Lecture on the Occasion of “World Intellectual Property Day” on the theme of “What,Why and How of Patents” on 26th April,2022.



22nd April,2022

IIC in Collaboration with Department of Sciences organised “Powerpoint Presentation ” on the occasion of Earth Day.


19th April,2022

An Extension Lecture was organised by IIC on the theme of “Women Entrepreneurship in Rural Areas” on 19th April,2022.

Resource Person: Ms. Mandeep Kaur Tangra (Founder and CEO of SimbaQuartz,Tangra)