Accredited 'A' Grade by NAAC
|| ਸੁਭ ਕਰਮਨ ਤੇ ਕਬਹੂੰ ਨ ਟਰੋਂ ॥
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Message from Principal

Dear Friends, education is the key to success. It equips us with knowledge in our field of interest, imparts information about the world around us and makes ourselves skilled and efficient in our subject of study. It opens the doors to brilliant career opportunities. Education helps in building confidence so that we may make our own decisions in life. It broadens our horizon, our perspective, and our self esteem. An educated person can face all the challenges of life with an open mind and can accept the success failure with an open heart. So, the greatest importance should be given in our life to get oneself educated. The best way to reach the pinnacle of success is to map out a strategy and a set goals.

Having set a goal for oneself, we should plan what are the requirements for fulfilling the plan and organize ourselves according to the set objective. With determination and toil success cannot remain a distant dream for anyone. We can prove to others that with patience and handwork anything can be achieved.In today’s modern and competitive society, we cannot deny the fact that we must arm ourselves with plenty of knowledge, thoughts or ideas and skills in order to enhance our God given talents. Besides, through education we can learn more and improve ourselves in what ever field we choose. With proper training and skills, it is possible for us to perform our best in our career and to be successful in our field of specialization. The character and willingness of an individual also affects, one’s ability to become successful. A correct mind set is another requisite which will enable us to overcome obstacles and hardships in our life. So, education helps in the formation of character with desirable qualities to become a successful person in life. As a whole, it can give us a better life in the future.

I am extremely thankful to the custodians of this region who have established a Girl’s institute with a view to educate and train the girls in the area of intellectual knowledge, moral, ethical and general awareness. All the scholars of our college are enthused with moral strength and value based education so that they remain rooted with age old customs and traditional courses like B.A(Hons.)History, B.A(Maths), B.A(Comp.Sci.), M.A(History), M.A(Hindi). This year we plan to induct M.A(Music), keeping in view the demand and need of our students.

The institute pays special attention to the all round development of the personality of the students. Every year extra-curricular activities such as Workshop, educational seminars, athletic meet, cultural functions, ‘Nukkad Natak’ are  organized to bring out their latent talent and channelize their extra energy. Such cultural functions and seminars develop their confidence in themselves and make them independent to face the challenges of life. They are made aware of their strengths and helped in making strength a source of their independence.

We hope to strengthen our institution with more advanced technology in the computer labs and science labs according to the need of the hour. More areas of the region are covered by providing transport facility so that education comes to the girls within an easy accessible range. We are doing our bit as much as we can. I humbly implore the custodians

Dr. (Mrs.) Karamjit Kaur