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Vision & Mission of the Dept

The Institute aims to prepare prospective secondary school teachers, who are dedicated & committed to teaching profession, socially aware & concerned, morally upright and spiritually oriented. The focus of this four year course is to provide quality teacher education through a rigorous, consistent and comprehensive programme equipping with theoretical knowledge and practical pursuits.


  1. To produce quality secondary education teachers for imparting instruction in their respective teaching subjects.
  2. To provide opportunity for drawing linkages between various pedagogy courses and classroom practices.
  3. To critically review policy and state documents on education and seek to effect ideas into classroom practices.
  4. To provide harmonious and stimulated academic environment for the promotion of quality teaching and research in the institute.
  5. To provide opportunity to faculty and students of the department for their self evaluations, accountability, autonomy and innovations in the area of education.
  6. To update the curriculum as per NCTE and global needs.
  7. To promote harmonious development of students.
  8. To strengthen our internship and pre-internship programme.


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