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Dasmesh Girls College has constituted internal committee for the Divyang students at the institute. The main objectives of this committee are to ensure a Divyang friendly campus for all Divyang students who are studying in the institute, and to address their problems and requirements. The committee consists of faculty members from the Institute. By this committee Students and Parents are also invited for their valuable suggestions.

Objectives of the Committee:

  • To provide Divyang friendly environment at the campus.
  • To examine student requests, consulting with medical practitioner at the institute.
  • Easy accessibility of resources to the student i.e. library, labs, lecture room, writing assistance.

Protect the confidentiality of students’ personal information

Committee Incharge:

  • Mrs. Shivani Narad (Dept. of Music)
  • Dr. Akanksha Verma (Dept. of Fine Arts)
  • Mrs. Poonam Sharma (Dept. of Fashion Designing)