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Water Conservation Committee

Members of Water Conservation Committee
Ms. Poonam Sharma(Department of Fashion Designing)
Ms. Renu Gupta(Department of Education)
Ms. Preet kaur(Deoartment of Physics)
Ms. Malkit Ram

Session (2022-23)

  • Celebration of Water Week Aug 26- Aug 31,2022
  • On dated 03-03-2023

Under the SAP committee in collaboration with EBSB club  Encouraged Students to save water by putting bottles filled with stones in the flush tank to reduce it’s water capacity upto 2 liters in one flush.


Session (2021-22)

  • Extension Lecture on water conservation on 08-10-2021

  • Oct 27-29,2021

Three days Activities “ Step Up! Conserve Water on Campus”

  • Installation of Rain Water Harvesting Tank in Campus

Session 2020-21

  • May 22,2021

Celebration of International Day for Biological Diversity by Water Conservation Committee, Red Ribbon Club

Session 2022-23

  • Activity on Save Water
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