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Department of Zoology

Year of Establishment : 2019
Department of Zoology

Introduction and Objectives of the Course

The study of animal life is ancient, but its scientific incarnation is relatively modern.

Zoology is the branch of biology devoted to the study of animal life. It covers areas ranging from the structure of organisms to the sub cellular unit of life. Zoologists study the interactions of animals with one another and their environments, as well as the significance of the behavior of animals. Zoology is both descriptive and analytical. It can be approached either as a basic science or as an applied science. Zoology today is as diverse as the animal kingdom it studies. It is now considered an interdisciplinary field that applies a great variety of techniques to obtain knowledge of the animal kingdom.

The Department of Zoology was established in 2019 with a view to train the students desirous of learning, understanding, teaching and practicing various aspects of plant sciences. There is one laboratory in the department. The laboratory is well maintained with necessary equipments purchased out of grants provided by Management. The department is enriched with learning resources such as charts, museum, specimens, slides & various practice materials.

Department of Zoology


 The holistic development of the student and make them able to contribute effectively for their welfare and society in this dynamic era.

Department of Zoology

Goals and Objectives

The Department aims to provide a broad multidisciplinary course in Zoology.

  • To train students in a wide range of science-based skills that provide the learning base for future careers in disciplines such as health sciences, agriculture, environmental management, the emerging biotechnologies, publishing, teaching, research and management.
  • To achieve excellence in teaching, research and extension education in the field of Zoology
  • To inspire knowledge across diverse fields of Zoology.
  • To know the life cycles and mode of reproduction in members of fauna.
  • To equip our students with good quality to appear for competitive examinations.
  • To make the students to understand the needs of Zoology in shaping our planet.
  • To empower our students with practical skills to comprehend the Physiology and other functions of each and every vital systems.
Department of Zoology

Programmes Offered

B.Sc Medical(Zoology as one of the subject)

Department of Zoology

Teaching Faculty

Department of Zoology


Department of Zoology