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Master of Arts – Political Science


As per University Norms


MA-Political Science


Course I

Western Political Thought-1

Course II

Key Concepts in Political Analysis

Course III

Indian Politicals:Institutions At Work (Compulsory)

Course IV

International Relations:A Historical Overview

MA-Political Science


Course V

Western Political Thought-II

Course VI

Comparative Political: Understanding Advanced Industrial Societies

Course VII

Indian Politicals:Political Processes(Compulsory)

Course VIII

Approaches to the Study of International Relations

MA-Political Science


Course IX

Indian Political Thought-I

Course X

Comparative Political System with Special Reference to UK, USA, China, Japan & Switzerland(Compulsory)

Course XI

Opt(g):Public International Law-I

Course XII

Opt(h):Public Administration

MA-Political Science


Course XIII

Indian Political Thought-II

Course XIV

Foreign Policy of India(Compulsory)

Course XV

Opt(c): Decentralized Governance and Local Level Institutions in India

Course XVI

Opt(f): Public International Law-II

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