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Student Services Centre

Objectives :

To ensure equitable access to quality mental health services to all the students
enrolled in Higher Educational Institutions( HEIs) with special emphasis on
Promote physical fitness and sports activities for students
Creating safegauard against academic pressure , peer-pressure, behavioural
issues, stress , career concerns, depression and other issues pertaining to
mental health of students
To inculcate positive thinking and emotions in students community
To promote positive and supportive network for students


  •  Dr. Rajwinder kaur ( Dept. of Physical Education)
  • Dr. Maninderjit Kaur  ( Dept. of Punjabi)
  • Renu Gupta ( ( Dept. of Education)

Session (2023-24)

On March 14, 2024 the *Students Service Centre* of Dasmesh Girls College Chak Alla Baksh Mukerian orchestrated  a  Self Defense workshop in partnership with Guru Gobind Singh Study Circle, Ludhiana  under the Mentorship of Principal Dr Karamjit Kaur.  Mr. Ocean Singh and Ms Devyani Soni served as resource persons, elucidiating diverse Martial Arts Styles and showcasing various defensive maneuvers for challenging scenarios.  Attentive students eagerly absorbed the teachings, thoroughly enjoying the interactive session.  Principal Dr.Karamjit Kaur alongside Co- ordinator Lt. Dr. Rajwinder Kaur and the organizing Committee extended gratitude to the resource persons for their invaluable contributions.


Stress Management and it's Techniques.

Run &walk intramural competition organised by Department of physical education & Students Service Centre .The objective of this activity was to make the students stress free,refreshed from their academic schedule.

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