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Staff Welfare Measures

Staff Welfare Measures 

Welfare Schemes for Teaching Staff

 Following Welfare Schemes and facilities are provided to Teaching staff of the College

  1. Leaves-Casual leaves, Duty leave, Maternity leave, Compensatory leave, Study leave to complete research work are granted by the institution.
  2. Employee ProvidentFund– Employees are covered under EPF schemes.
  3. GroupInsurance Scheme– GIS is available to all the faculty members.
  4. WardConcession– The College provides the concession to the wards of faculty members.
  5. FreeBus Service– The College provides free bus service to the faculty members.
  6. MedicalReimbursement– Medical reimbursements are given to the teaching staff.
  7. Shagun Scheme-College provides Shagun to employees on their family functions.
  8. FreeUniform– Free uniform is provided to all staff members.

Welfare Schemes for Non-Teaching Staff

Following Welfare Schemes and facilities are provided to the Non-Teaching staff of the College:

  1. GroupInsurance Scheme GIS is also available to all the Non-Teaching staff of the College.
  2. Employee Provident fund-All the Non-Teaching staff covered under the EPF scheme.
  3. FreeUniform Free uniform along with stitching cost is provided to the sub staff members.
  4. WardConcession- The college provides fee concessions to the wards of the sub staff members.
  5. MedicalReimbursement Medical facility is also provided to the employees for on duty miss happening.
  6. Shagun SchemeCollege Provides Shagun to employees on their family functions.
  7. Refreshment SchemeCollege Provides two times tea to employees in working hours.
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