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Dr. Sonia Chauhan

DepartmentCommerce and Management
DesignationAssistant Professor & Head of the Department
QualificationM.Com, M.Phil, Ph.D
Teaching Experience 12 Years
Area of SpecializationHRM, Accounting

Research Publication             

  • Research Paper Published in “Journal of commerce -VAANIJJYA” India, ISSN No.978-81-920878-0-1, vol.1, issue1,Feb2011,pp.100-112.

“Resource management and profitability analysis in development Banks in Himachal Pradesh“

  • Research Paper Published in “Journal of Commerce –VAANIJJYA” India, ISBN No.978-81-920878-0-1, vol.2,issue2,Feb2012, PP.27-36.

“An Empirical Analysis of working of development Banks in Himachal Pradesh”.

  • Research Paper Published in book “Tourism for development – A Managerial Approach” India,ISBN NO.978-81-8457-312-1,Vol.1, issue1, 2011, PP261-272.

“Sustainability Issue in Tourism development In India.”

  • Research Paper Published in book “Tourism for Development –A Strategic Approach” India,ISBN NO 978-93-8121-218-9, PP 67-78.

“Tourism in Himachal Pradesh: An Overview.”

  • Research Paper Published in book “Managing the Future”, ISSN 0975-0045,vol-3,January 2013,PP67-78.

“Human resource management of state level development banks in Himachal Pradesh”.

  •  Research Paper Published in book “contemporary Issues in Commerce and Management”,ISBN NO 978-81-8342-371-7,vol1,2015,PP127-137.

“A Conceptual Study of Modern Marketing”.

  •  Research Paper Published in book “INSIGHT-An International Journal of Humanities and Management”. ISSN NO.2394-7462,vol111,Issue 3,PP104-113.

“A Study of the Factors that affect the impulsive apparel buying of consumers in Amritsar city.”

  • Research Paper Published in book “Effective Implementation of Choice Based Credit System: Benefits and Challenges”,ISBN NO.93-86713-87-2, March 2018, PP171-174.

“E-Learning / E-Governance in Higher Education”.

  • Research Paper Published in book “Research Dimension”ISSN:2249-3867,Impact Factor:5.1899(UIF),October 2017,PP35-40.

“A study of digital Payment System: Challenges and opportunities”.

  • Research Paper Published in book “Digital Economy Challenges and opportunities”,ISBN978-81-928754-53,vol.2018,PP.106-112(online book in my Gmail).

“Challenges for India Digital Economy Revolution”.

  • Research Paper Published in Journal “COHERENCE”ISSNO:0976-5301,vol.9, February2018 PP76-85.

“Corporate Environment Reporting: A Conceptual analysis”.

  • Research Paper Published in book “Issue and Challenges in E-Commerce: An Initiative Towards ease of doing Business”,ISBNO:978-88669-83-2,Vol-1,2019,PP.144-150.

“Role of Digitalization in E-Commerce”.

  • Research Paper Published in book “Resurging India”,ISBNO:978-282-1,vol.1,2019,PP.149-154.

“Corporate Social Responsibility-Tata Motors Ltd”.

  • Research Paper Published in book “Sustainable Rural Development”,ISBNO:978-93-88977-76-0,2019,PP.47-55.

“The Driving Role of Ngo’s in Rural Development of India”.

Research Paper published in Journal “COHERENCE” ISSN: 0976-5301, Vol 10 & 11, February, 2020, PP 100 – 109. “Communication in Globalisation”

Research paper published in UGC listed “Think INDIA JOURNAL” ISSN – 27 Dec, 2019, PP 209-17. “Corporate Governance across Different Countries”

Research paper published in “International Journal & Research in Social Science ISSN: 2249-2496 impact Factor : 7.081, Vol – 9 issues 6(1) , June 2019, PP 97 to 104 “ Corporate Governance : A potential tool for survival of an Enterprise”

Research paper published in UGC CARE JOURNAL “Studies  in Indian Place Names” ,  titled  “ A Comparative  Study on Investment  Behavior of Customers Toward Post Office Saving  Schemes and Bank Saving Schemes : A Case Study of Hoshiarpur  District.”    ISSN: 2394- 3114 , Vol. 40 – Issue -81 – March – 2020 .

  Research paper published in book titled, “Emerging Trends in Modern Business”, titled “Role of Women Entrepreneurship in Economic Growth” ISBN: 978-93-86754-72-1


Human Resource Management for 2th Semester, PU Chandigarh Himalaya Publication House ISO 9001:2015 Certified. 



  1. International Conference, D.A.V. College, Malout,Feb 25th-26th, 2011.
  2. Competitiveness  of  INDIA  in  the GlobalEconomy
  3. National Conference, Hindu Kanya College,Kapurthala, Feb 4th – 5th, 2011.
  4. Corporate Social Responsibility – A Business Necessity
  5. National Conference,PG Govt. College Una   March 12th-13th ,2011.
  6. Women Entrepreneur in Micro Enterprises Case Study of Una District.
  7. The Role of Small Businesses in the Industrial Development of India
  8. National Conference, R.K.M.V. Shimla, June 4th-5th, 2011.
  9. Corporate Environment Reporting: A Conceptual Analysis.
  10. National Conference, H.P.U. Shimla, 8th -9th, 2009.
  11. Role of State Level Development Banks in Industrialization   of  H.P.
  12. Attended orientation Programme from 14.06.2017 to 11.07.2017 in GNDU, Amritsar.
  13. Attended Refresher Course from 6.12.2108 to 26.12.2018 in GNDU,Amritsar.
  14. Attended Training Programmeof NSS from 21.03.2018 to27.03.2018 in Punjabi University,Patiala.
  15. Attended Seven Day National workshop from 14.06.2019 to20.06.2019 in Panjab University,Chandigarh.
  16. Attended one week Training Pogramme from 3.06.2019 to 7.06.2019 in Govt. College Kangra,HP.
  17. National seminar, Dasmesh Girls College, Chak Alla Baksh, Mukerian,January 24,2015.
  18. A Conceptual study of modern marketing
  19. National seminar,DAV College Jalandhar,March 8,2014.
  20. Investor Protection&of SEBI as Irregulatory Agency.
  21. National seminar, DasmeshGirls College, Chak Alla Baksh, Mukerian, March 26,2013
  22. Position of Women in Mughal India Contrast to Western Society.
  23. National seminar , Himachal Pradesh University, Shimla 11-12 Nov.2011
  24. Impact of Globalisation on SSIs in India
  25. National Seminar, Appasahib R.B Garud Arts, Commerce and science college, SHENDURNI, Maharashtra, oct7,2017.
  26. Digital Payment Systems and Rural India: challenges and opportunities.
  27. National seminar, A.S College, Khanna, Ludhiana,March17,2018.
  28. E-learning/E-Governance in higher education
  29. National seminar, G.G.D.S.D College, Hariana, Feb 2,2019.
  30. Impact of Merger and Acquisition on Indian Banking sector.
  31. National seminar, Swami Permanand Mahavidyalaya, feb9,2019.
  32. Issues in mobile commerce- Privacy Issues.
  33. National seminar, KRM DAV College, Nakodar, Feb16,2019.
  34. MSMEs Development in Present Era.
  35. National seminar,Dasmesh Girls College, Chak Alla Baksh, Mukerian,March02,2019.
  36. ICT- An Empowering Tool Make Education Innovative.
  37. National seminar, Govt. College Dhaliara, kangra,(HP)March06,2019.
  38. Corporate Social responsibility- TATA MOTORS Ltd.
  39. National seminar, Govt. Degree College, Jawali(H.P) Oct19,2019.

Role of Women Entrepreneurship in economic Growth

Online Workshop: 

One week on line FDP on “E- Contents and ICT Tools for Innovative and Effective Teaching and Learning Process”


FDP on “Technology and Instructional reforms with reference to online teaching, learning and Evaluation”


One day workshop on “Performance Based Appraisal System Academic Performance Indicator for Teachers”


FDP on “Innovative Approaches in Management Teaching”


Two day National level E- workshop on Understanding OBS studio and stream yard for E-Content Creation and live Streaming


Online Short Term Training Programme on “Moral Values and Professional Ethics”

02/11/2020 -07/11/2020

10 days online “Skill Development Programme on Social Media Digital Marketing


Five days online FDP on “How to Write Research Paper in Scopus Journal”


Seven days on line FDP on “Tech Rainbow Cascading Digital World”


Five days on line national FDP cum Seminar on “ Educational Innovative Teaching Skills”